Pure Scottish honey

Locally made in East Renfrewshire, produce of Scotland

100 % pure Scottish honey

Our Tenacious Wee Bees honey is made as naturally as can be in the Clarkston area of East Renfrewshire, Scotland. Local flora includes lime trees, blackberries, wild flowers, ivy and farmland with a variety of crops. The flavour and texture of the honey will vary from season to season depending on the bees favoured forage and what has grown well that year. 

How bees make honey

Bees forage from the local area, typically flying up to a mile and a half, to collect the precious nectar produced by trees and other plants, using their long tongues to extract it, and then they store the nectar in a special nectar stomach. This fantastic wee bee can carry close to her own weight in nectar as she flies home and passes it to an indoor bee back at the hive. (And yes, she’s a she – all worker bees are girls). The nectar is passed mouth -to-mouth from bee to bee, reducing its water content from around 70% to 20% and ,with interaction with active enzymes, this converts the nectar to honey. Eventually it is stored in a cell in the honeycomb and when any excess moisture content has been evaporated by the girls fanning their wings, the cell is capped with a thin coating of wax.

Honey-making stats:

  • Worker bees typically have an adult lifespan of only 6 weeks
  •  It is only after being a nurse bee, cleaner bee, wax-building bee etc that a worker progresses to venturing away from the hive to forage
  • The average worker bee will make only 1/12 th of a teaspoon of honey in her lifetime
  • In most seasons, bees make more honey than the hive requires, sometimes an excess of more than 20kg, which is how we get to benefit from it too.
Eggs in cells
Extraction honey

Extraction honey from the hive

We remove the surplus frames of honey from the hive, uncap the cells in the comb, then spin the frames in a manual radial extractor. Centrifugal force spins the honey out the comb and it drips unctuously down the extractor walls and collects at the bottom. The tap at the bottom is then opened and the honey is sieved through a double sieve to remove any fragments of wax and pollen. And that’s it! No heating, no additives, nothing removed. Just pure, raw, local honey..

Our product is beautiful, natural, liquid gold runny honey made by our fabulous wee bees who forage around the Clarkston, East Renfrewshire area.

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